Facade Cleaning

Some facade glasses get affected by dry water marks over the passage of time. The reasons range from deposition of carbon irregular cleaning frequencies, facade leakages. We have our own in-house facade cleaning team use the best facade cleaning compounds and tools of M/s Unger, specially imported from Germany. Our work force is trained to work at heights on cradles, Abseiling as per the guidelines of IRATA(Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) We ensure in minimizing of the marks with the combination of various techniques & compounds. We suggest our every esteemed clients to maintain cleaning frequencies to protect the priceless facade they have invested in. As they say, “Nobody notices a thing when it is clean and everybody observes it when it is dirty”.

Prizm Professional Facade Cleaning Service offers Window Cleaning & External Glass Cleaning of all types up to 50 stories for management agencies, commercial premises, factories, apartments, facade cleaning& more. We also offer a commercial grade high pressure cleaning service to soft wash buildings externally. We adhere to the most stringent safety guidelines & provide quality cleaning services to all of our clients alike. Prizm Professional Facade Cleaning Services one of the most prudent glass cleaning companies in Mumbai. We differentiates itself from its competitors by using the world’s best equipment for every job. Whether it be window cleaning, cleaning up to five stories high with our telescopic poles or high pressure cleaning for building facades, we have the best equipment & a world-class taskforce, therefore we able to offer a superior service at competitive pricing

We clean every type of building facade material using only the best equipment, staff and techniques.

We wash, blast and scrub all surfaces to remove dust, dirt, grease, grime, algae, mildew, mould, marker pens, paint and other filth. On the outside – we clean wall surfaces, roofs, sky-lights, canopies, fascias, gutters, pipework, drains, signs, paving and parking areas. We wash all surfaces, remove moss, weeds, litter and other debris, clean and unblock guttering, pipes and drains and erase chewing gum, oil stains, diesel spills and tyre and graffiti marks.