Silicone Filling

A silicone sealant always finds use where a gap requires filling or an expansion/connection joint needs sealing. As the walls and floors of a building, similarly the wash basin / bath tub are exposed to some movement - sometimes extensive yet often difficult to see – the sealant must exhibit such movement capability. Silicone sealants are essential here.

General Purpose

General sealing, bonding and mending applications call for high-performance and easy-to-use sealants. Where a gap needs to be filled, yet must display certain movement, a silicone sealant is inevitably used.

Interiors, Sanitary

Whether a wash basin, a bath tub, kitchen sink or simply joints in and around sanitary fittings, silicone sealants will be the product of choice. For paintable interior wall gap filling, where mechanics are not an issue, take a look at our PS grade.

Glazing, Windows & Doors, Perimeter

Building facades must withstand a variety of environmental influences over long periods. WACKER’s various silicone grades meet state-of-the-art building standards whether glazing, window perimeter or door sealing.

Weatherseal, Non-bleeding Connection Joints, Expansion Joints

Due to their high durability, freezing-resistance and flexibility our silicone sealants are the medium of choice where weatherproofing is required. Furthermore primerless application to many substrates is possible.

Hybrid Sealants and Adhesives

WACKER is a technology leader when it comes to hybrid sealants and adhesives. For perfect sealing and bonding of a variety of substrates you can count on these grades to give outstanding performance, yet meet demanding ecological requirements.